Centered in the Middle

Hello Friends, Welcome to almost spring. The April showers have brought a whole lot of green to our doorstep here on the coast. For that matter so have the January, February and March showers. Our endeavor to build a life on the edge of the world continues rolling right along. Living at the intersection of... Continue Reading →


On the Horizon

Hello to you. It sure feels like it has been a long time since I took a minute to sit down and unleash the contents of my brain in print. We have definitely had an uptick in activity here on the edge of the continent. I am now six weeks into my job with Ship... Continue Reading →

Lions of March

Greetings friends. It certainly seems like March has indeed come in like a lion here on the edge of the continent. Impressive storms bringing a deluge from the sky with high winds whipping up tumultuous seas have been the norm for the past month. Cody and I find it absolutely memorizing. When the ocean is... Continue Reading →

Absolution, Fifty Cents

Hello friends. Cody and I are doing alright here where the forest meets the sea. As of today, we have lived in Oregon for six months. It is amazing how it feels at once like ten days and a hundred years. I am still engaged in the search for a hairdresser I trust but I... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Being

Hello Friends, Welcome to 2018. I hope you had a peaceful holiday season and are looking forward to a new year full of adventure. We had a lovely Christmas here on the edge of the continent. Hayden and Emily spent a week with us and we had a delightful time. We hiked, and visited the... Continue Reading →

Time and Distance by the Sea

Happy holidays friends, It is lovely to see you again. All kinds of doings here at the edge of the continent. We had a quiet Halloween followed by a quiet Thanksgiving followed by the melee that is decorating our house for Christmas. We are up to five trees (three full size, one half size and... Continue Reading →

Deep Blue Sea

Cody and I spent more than fifteen years in Missoula shipbuilding. We crafted for ourselves an ocean liner, a support vessel comprised of great friends and known passageways. With each passing year the big storms were easier to weather because of how sturdy our craft had become. We did not have to think about navigating... Continue Reading →

Gooble Gobble

Hello there. It is so good to talk to you. Feels like it has been forever. Cody and I are still establishing ourselves in our new community and as we do, we are encountering some great people who are very welcoming. The people at the Waldport Public Library are just lovely. Last week we visited... Continue Reading →

The New Mortimer

Hi there. It has been a little while. Sorry about that, it is totally my fault. Since the last time we visited Cody and I have taken some incredible beach walks, discovered a couple of amazing bakeries and went on a Whale Watching excursion. On our seafaring adventure we saw no less than FIVE whales.... Continue Reading →


Well hello again friends, it’s been a while. Thanks for coming back by. As I am sure you can imagine things have been pretty hectic here on the edge of the continent. There have been so many changes in just a few short months that it is difficult to give our whole transformation the reflection... Continue Reading →

The Goodbye Grind

Hello to you. Thanks so very much for taking time to check out our status and ride along awhile with us. Tonight we are standing (okay sitting pantsless on a hotel bed) at a crossroads. We have wrapped up the majority of our Missoula tasks. Tomorrow morning we meet the movers at the storage unit... Continue Reading →

No Such Place

Hi friends, welcome back. Well, the big day rapidly approaches. As I have said, we’ll be in Missoula for a hot second and then, in less than a week we’ll be in our new home by the sea. Home. I have been thinking quite a lot about home recently. There is that tired axiom that... Continue Reading →

Friends, Family and Heroes

Thank you all so much for asking after Cody. He is doing well and recovering as expected. I just have a short check in for you today to say a few words about family and how amazing it is when family are also friends. The last few days we have been in Elko, Nevada. Why... Continue Reading →

Ride or Die

And we’re back. . . Before we head off to see our parents and then begin the melee that is the actual move I think this is a good time to cover the last few days and assess where we are in the run up to the big day. First let me say thank you... Continue Reading →

Sourdough Crabs

Hello again friends, Cody and I have just left San Francisco. Today’s entry really will be a more traditional travelogue. Well, maybe more of a list of some places we went and the same six or eight adjectives in different configurations but you get the idea. There was simply so much to see and do... Continue Reading →

Shrine and Sanctuary

Greetings from San Francisco. I have mentioned on Facebook in the last couple days that I am sick again. Totally my own fault. Our drive from Eureka to Fort Bragg was long and hot and twisty. There is also not really anywhere to stop. Through this part of the trip I just kept keeping on... Continue Reading →

A Drifter’s Birthday

Hello friends. A few days ago I had to check in with Cody to see not only what day it was, but also where we were. Our life right now is a lot like being on tour. Another town, another hotel, another (baggage) load in, do the things, see the stuff, sleep in a strange... Continue Reading →

The Time We Make

“Time was a film run backward. Suns fled and ten million moons fled after them.”   ~Ray Bradbury Greetings from Crescent City, California. This is a nice little town at the northern edge of the Redwood National Forest. The sea air is crisp and the local food is good but we have most definitely crossed... Continue Reading →

The Last Best Beach House

Hello again from the edge of the continent. We are at a point now where we can actually say that there is news! We have secured a rental house in Waldport, OR. Haven’t heard of Waldport? We are not surprised. Waldport is a “city” of about 2000 people. It is 18 miles south of Newport... Continue Reading →

The Best Nest

Hello. I am so glad you stopped by today. Cody and I are working on finding our nest. We have spent much of our time refining our search parameters and navigating the rocky shores that we hope will offer us a place to perch. Our corridor is narrowing! This is a good sign. We are... Continue Reading →

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