The Best Nest

Hello. I am so glad you stopped by today.

Cody and I are working on finding our nest. We have spent much of our time refining our search parameters and navigating the rocky shores that we hope will offer us a place to perch. Our corridor is narrowing! This is a good sign. We are now hopeful that we should be able to settle in somewhere between Lincoln City and Yachats. This 50-mile corridor is a remarkable mix of sandy beaches, rocky shores, massive cliffs and dense forest.

Seabirds at Lincoln City

I have mentioned previously how difficult it is to find rental property here that is not seasonal. There are a few factors that make this search more difficult. Firstly, it is just beautiful here. We have not yet had a day over 70 degrees! The sun and sea and breeze are quite the draw. Secondly – college students. I find it almost hilarious that we left the U and ran to the coast only to be thwarted once again by college students. Here the students are coming to the shore to be baristas or servers or aquarium guides for the summer and they are banding together like rats to rent the available properties.

The final factor is the fishing season. This whole area is full of seasonal workers who follow the fish. This is way different than loading up your van and following Phish – but the two groups do smell a little alike. These seasonal workers come into the area and rent properties while they are here and then migrate with the catch at the end of the season.

We have been taking time out to enjoy the sites and walk the beaches and tidepools as we go. Yesterday was so foggy we could barely see the ocean itself but it sure was a blast to explore with next to no one else on the beach. Beachcombing aside, we are on the hunt for the best nest.

Fog rolling in at Cape Foulweather

While there are not a lot of places available we have been doing our best to see everything that might even be possible. We saw what seemed like a nice little house on an inlet that turned out to have birds nesting in the screen porch rendering it unusable. Also, that place smelled of mold. We saw a lovely house in a gated community that was buried so far back into the pines it might as well have been Idaho or Montana. Then we saw the oddest property.

This was a lower level of an up down duplex. It had two tiny bedrooms and a main living space (kitchen, dining, living) in which part of it was a sunken living room like on the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. To get to the door we had to park right next to the upstairs neighbor’s deck and take a narrow staircase down half a flight, part of the way around the house and down another half a flight. Once we entered the space the view was overwhelming. It was a million-dollar view. It was easy to imagine watching pods of whales cruise by. Truly stunning . . . and none of the windows toward the sea opened. The place also  had white carpet and a wood burning fireplace – right up against the white carpet. There was so much right and so much wrong all mashed together.

Ultimately this last place was too small, and there was an upstairs neighbor. All of the oddities outweighed the opportunity to watch whales swim by without having to put on pants (me put on pants, not the whales.)


We are currently waiting to hear back about two applications for places we were interested in. I’m choosing, maybe out of superstition, not to talk about either of them just yet. So, know that we are looking everyday. Today we took a little time and went and sat on the beach by our hotel. I even put on a swim suit and pretended I was really going to get into the glacial ocean. To be fair I did stand in the water up to my calves, and made such a squealing sound I thought and Orca might come by and mistake me for a harp seal. Still, alive, must not be Orca season.


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