I am, as of this moment, undefined. I have spent the last forty seven years locked in serious effort to become . . . whatever it is I am now. I hold degrees in Theatre and Production Management. I am a mother of two grown sons. Every cat I have ever owned has been male and also had a person’s name.

I make jam and sew purses and clothes. I love puzzles but not crossword puzzles as I am a notoriously terrible speller. I enjoy a great mystery, Mediterranean food is my favorite, I want to be the kind of person I want to know and from time to time, just because I can, I refer to myself as DJ Chocolate Thunder.

This little blog here was originally intended to be a travelogue, marking the journey my husband and I are undertaking after quitting our jobs, selling our house and fleeing for the soft and foggy beaches of the Pacific Northwest. I suspect that, like the adventure itself, the blog may be a more circuitous exploration.  I don’t know where this road goes but its shape is compelling and the mystery is just too delightful to overlook. I will mark some map points along the way, physical and otherwise.

Thanks in advance for checking in with a couple of intrepid travelers as they march off toward the ocean and maybe, just maybe, encounter themselves along the way.


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